Song-Writing Curriculum

Learning objectives for the Song-Writing Curriculum:

  • Create memorable verses, prechoruses, choruses, and bridges!
  • Choose the most effective song form for every song written!
  • Understand the structures behind the hits!
  • Generate better ideas more easily!
  • Use structures, harmonies and melodies to support and enhance the emotional intent of the
  • Craft song sections that connect, contrast, and flow together into a unified whole!
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of songwriting!
  • Acquire a developed and refined set of skills that will allow them to effectively communicate!
  • their ideas, emotions, and thoughts through music!
  • Write own lyric patterns to match musical patterns!
  • Create the melody, verse and chorus lyrics!
  • Work with bridges and pre-choruses!
  • Gain independence and confidence in the writing process

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