Guitar Curriculum

Learning objectives for the Guitar Curriculum:

  • Read lead sheet and play chord voicings in a variety of music styles!
  • Greater knowledge of constructing triads, seventh chords and inversions!
  • Play triads over bass notes and alternations!
  • Open triadic shapes and inversions in several musical styles!
  • Construct and play two octave major scales in all keys, in two different fretboard positions!
  • Effectively use these scales in your own playing!
  • Develop good guitar technique through scale exercises!
  • Employ increased control, evenness and fluency in playing!
  • Connect technique and position with the tone you get from the instrument!
  • Integrate melodic lines into strumming or finger style!
  • Create your own rhythms and grooves!
  • Progress from simple to complex grooves!
  • Use effects such as wah-wah to enhance rhythm playing!

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