Engineering Curriculum

Learning objectives for the Engineering Curriculum:

  • Identify acoustic and electronic concepts; describe waveform properties!
  • Explain microphone characteristics and discuss their placement!
  • Describe studio set up and signal routing!
  • Explain console and recording machine operation techniques!
  • Discuss basic studio procedures!
  • Demonstrate proficiency with mic techniques!
  • Demonstrate proficiency in signal flow!
  • Demonstrate proficiency in signal processing applications!
  • Demonstrate proficiency in pre-production and production!
  • Demonstrate engineering concepts to complete an advanced recording project!
  • Improved timbral ear training, including distinguishing between subtle changes in audio such as; minimal boosts and cuts in gain throughout the mixing process!
  • Demonstrate advanced editing skills!
  • Utilize advanced recording, mixing, and editing techniques including automation!
  • Outline the role, duties and responsibilities of the producer!
  • Summarize session planning, layout and strategies!
  • Communication, budgeting and music markets!
  • Execute advanced recording and producing projects!
  • Convert and optimize files for release on the internet !

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